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Dr Frank Golik

About​ Nutritional and environmental family doctor. A health coach who encourages a healthy lifestyle, whilst seeking the underlying aetiology of health concerns rather than just treating the symptoms.
Training & Education​ University of QLD; graduated in 1975. Started private practice in 1979. Gained fellowship in General Practcice in 1982.
Special Interests Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD and developmental delays. Musculoskeletal conditions. Counselling.
Services Provided Full range of family medicine.
Available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Dr Samarra Toby

About​ Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and an active member of the Australian College Of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. Passion and commitment to health and wellness is reflected in her life and philosophy on holistic wellness.
Training & Education​ Australian trained medical doctor (B.SC, M.B.B.S., F.R.A.C.G.P.).Dr Sam successfully completed her graduate medical and surgical studies and training at Griffith University, being the first Aboriginal medical doctor to graduate from this institution. Additionally, she has completed a science degree majoring in biomedical science at the University of Queensland in Australia.
Special Interests Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, Women’s Health and Aboriginal Health.
Services Provided Full range of family medicine.

Debbie Cowie

About​ Debbie is from a nurse education background and became interested in kinesiology when her 21 years of migraine pain was resolved by kinesiology. Debbie enjoys helping people to improve their health and vitality
Training & Education​ Registered Nurse. Bachelor of Nursing QUT. Masters in Professional Education & Training (WVET) (with distinction) Deakin University. Cert 4 Kinesiology. Diploma in Kinesiology (currently studying).
Special Interests Chronic or recurring pain. Childhood issues including Autistic Spectrum Disorder & learning difficulties. Pain. Sports Performance. Stress. Anxiety & emotional upsets.
Services Provided Kinesiology
Available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Karin Oldham

About​ Simply put, Neurofeedback is physical exercise for your brain which enhances cognitive flexibility and stability of control. It enhances awareness of internal states by allowing the brain to witness its own activity, from moment to moment, monitoring brain waves via an electroencephalogram (EEG). This promotes self-regulation which supports better function. It is also called EEG biofeedback, Neurotherapy or Neurobiofeedback.

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Available Monday, Thursday and Saturday

Paul Freeman

Training & Education​ Advanced Diploma of Homeopathy & Medicine. Post graduate course in Homotoxicology & Biopuncture.
Special Interests Bioregulatory medicine, Homeopathy, Musculoskeletal problems, Neurological problems in children (including autism & aspergers), ear & nose problems, pre-conception care*.
Services Provided Homeopathic prescriptions**. Bioregulatory biopuncture.
Available Tuesday morning, Thursday morning & Friday afternoon

Laura Hart

About​ As a naturopath I am committed to assisting the whole person using evidence-based research, observance of the iris, and Hemaview (live blood cell analysis).

I am passionate about understanding people’s unique ‘health fingerprint’ and aim to treat each person with individual care.

Training & Education​ I have a Biomedical Science degree (University of Queensland) and a Health Science degree in Naturopathy (Endeavor) and am a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (24240).
Services Provided I have 15 years of clinical naturopathic experience, as well as working alongside a team of various healthcare professionals at W.I.N. Health Coach Clinics.
Available Saturday mornings
About​ With extensive knowledge in Biochemistry, Microbiome, Genetics and Physiology and counselling, coupled with her qualifications in Nutritional Medicine and Emotional Health, Jacinta Callaghan is on a mission to help people better understand how amazing the human mind and body really are.
As a practicing Nutritional Medicine and Emotional Health specialist and former lecturer on Nutritional Medicine at Torrens University, Jacinta understands and treats people according to each individuals’ underlying causes, symptoms and back story.
Jacinta is known to clients, students and other practitioners as blunt, honest whilst being compassionate, and just a little bit ‘nerd-like’ in her knowledge.
She is not afraid of telling like it is … with the science to back it up.
And with science ever-evolving and new evidence supporting the efficacy of Nutritional Medicine being uncovered each and every day around the world, more and more people seek answers beyond big-pharma.
Her over-riding passion is for sharing her knowledge and educating people to regain their health, and to clear a path through the endless information and mis-information (aka B.S) in an easily digestible way.
There is no one size fits all in Nutritional Medicine or Emotional Health, and Jacinta is on a mission to uncover what will ‘fit’ each and every person she treats.
Jacinta shares her knowledge of Biochemistry, Microbiome idiosyncrasies, Genetics, Physiology, the “normal” workings of the body and emotional healing.
Available Friday


*Pre-conception care involves working to assist with conception and maintaining health during conception with the use of balanced nutrition, diet, and alternative medications, with consideration of conventional medications if required.

** Each person is different and where conventional medications are already being taken or are considered a requirement for your health, recommendations will be made to use either or both to target your optimum health.